Real Students - Real Results

Here are a few specifics on a sampling of LSAT results:



Megan M. - Starting score 163; after 18 hours one-on-one tutoring with Kyle, scored 179on the June 2016 LSAT.

Will S. - Starting score 160; after 8.5 hours one-on-one tutoring with Kyle, scored 178 on the June 2016 LSAT.

E.W. - Scored 165 on the June 2016 LSAT after 8 hours one-on-one tutoring.

Emily I. - Initially had several tests in the 150-155 range. After 21 hours of one-on-one tutoring, scored 162 on the June 2016 LSAT.

Grant H. - Before tutoring, average score was 160. After only four one-on-one tutoring sessions, scored 166 on the June 2016 LSAT.

Benjamin A. - Before tutoring, was consistently scoring around 160. After a lot of hard work and 16 hours of tutoring, scored 168 on the June 2016 LSAT.

K.C. J. - Before tutoring, had previously scored 163 on an official LSAT. After only four one-on-one tutoring sessions, scored 168 on the June 2016 LSAT.

Nathalie H. - Before tutoring, was consistently missing ten or more questions per section on logic games. After completing the six-hour logic-games-only tutoring package, scored 167 on the June 2016 LSAT with only four questions missed on the logic games.

R.A.S. - Diagnostic score 136; after tutoring, scored 155 on February 2016 LSAT.

Daniel W. - After significant test prep, scored 160. After further one-on-one tutoring, scored 165 on February 2016 LSAT.

Web L. - Scored 154 on diagnostic LSAT and, after taking TestMasters class, 156 on October 2015 LSAT. After 7.5 hours one-on-one tutoring with Kyle, scored 171 on official LSAT and gained admission to UVA Law School.

Allison L. - Scored 158 before tutoring, 165 after. Admitted to Georgetown.

Devin B. - Scored 165 after tutoring, admitted Early Decision to Georgtown.

Owen A. - Was scoring 144 to 147 on practice tests. After 12 hours tutoring, scored 157 on February 2016 LSAT and gained admission to Georgetown University Law Center

2013 - 2015


S. L. F. - Starting score 152. Some prior prep. Scored 172 on June 2014 LSAT after 40 hours of tutoring and ~300 hours studying over five months.


Shannon S. - Some prior prep, starting score 149. Scored 161 on June 2014 LSAT.


Samantha M. - Extensive prior test prep; was scoring 138 consistently. After 24 hours of tutoring (and intense studying), scored 151 on June 2014 LSAT; admitted to Hofstra, St. Johns. Attending Hofstra.


Joe W. - Starting score 162 after reading commercial prep books. After 12 hours of tutoring, scored 174 on December 2013 LSAT. Admitted to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Admitted to Chicago with full scholarship + stipend; currently attending Chicago.


James R. - Starting score 159, scored 175 on December 2013.


Max S. - Had scored 162 on October 2013 test beforehand; scored 170 on December 2013 LSAT. Currently attending Georgetown Law.


Clark B. - Had scored 167 on October 2013; after tutoring, scored 171 on December 2013 LSAT.


Ashley E. - Had scored 157 on official LSAT in 2011 with extensive prior test preparation; scored 163 on December 2013 LSAT, admitted to top-choice law school.


Allison P. - Starting score 158. Took a full classroom course and only improved to 160. After 12 hours tutoring, scored 167 on the December 2013 LSAT.


Naomi I. - Started in low 150s. After 24 hours tutoring, scored 162 on December 2013 LSAT. Currently attending Georgetown Law.


Sam F. - Starting score 160 with prior prep (had taken full Kaplan course in Spring 2012). After 21 hours tutoring, scored 174 on December 2013 LSAT.


Courtney C. - Starting score 160. Scored 169 after tutoring. Currently attending Northwestern Law.


Olivia S. - Had scored 166 on October 2012 LSAT after approximately twenty practice tests. After 40 hours tutoring, scored 170 on October 2013 LSAT. Currently attending Harvard Law School.


Deanna P. - Scored 160 on previous LSAT. After 24 hours tutoring, scored 167. Currently attending Harvard Law School.


Mark M. - Starting score 157. Scored 170 on October 2013 LSAT. Currently attending UVA Law.


Andrea S. - Scored 154 after taking full Kaplan course. Focused on logic games, scored 161 on June 2013 LSAT. Currently attending GW Law.


Christine H. - Started in low 150s. Scored 167 on June 2013 LSAT after tutoring. Currently attending University of Texas Law School.


Elaine B. - Starting score 169. After 8 hours of tutoring, scored 175 on June 2013 LSAT.





Jonathan F. - Starting score 158. After 28 hours tutoring, scored 170. Attending NYU Law.


Jax H. - Started in low 160's. After 12 hours tutoring, scored 171. Currently attending Yale Law School.


Jacob A. - Had scored 166 on June 2012 after studying with the PowerScore series of books. After 20 hours tutoring, scored 177 on October 2012 LSAT.


Patrick L. - Starting score 163 after prior test prep. Scored 179 on October 2010 LSAT after tutoring. Admitted to University of Texas Law School with full scholarship and $15,000/year stipend. Graduated in 2014 and is currently a federal clerk.


Alan K. - Previous high practice score, 158. With tutoring, score increased to 170. Attended Emory Law School.


David C. - Starting score 152 after prior test prep. Scored 163 after tutoring, and received a $100,000 scholarship to Baylor Law School.


Abel T. - Starting score 140 after prior test prep. After 15 hours of tutoring, scored 157.


Elizabeth A. - Starting score 140 (twice, and with extensive prior test prep). Scored 151 after tutoring and admitted to several law schools including her top choice.


Adam A. - Starting score 132, learning disabled. After tutoring, admitted to Indiana - Bloomington.


Matthew Z. - Starting score 132, non-native English speaker. After sixteen hours of tutoring, admitted to law school in Arizona.


Weldon W. - Starting score 148. After tutoring, admitted to SMU's combined JD/MBA program.


Stephen L. - Starting score 148. Actual score after tutoring - 162.


Patrick C. - Starting score 151. Actual score after tutoring - 163.


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Actual Student Testimonials:

Sarah Brown (169):
"Working with Jeff at Metroplex LSAT was a great experience. From the start he was responsive and flexible with scheduling. After meeting with me one time he was able to determine my strengths and areas of improvement and from there developed a lesson plan specific to those. He explained things in ways that made sense, and if something wasn't 'clicking' he would think of another way to teach it. In addition to efficient one-on-one lessons, Metroplex LSAT also provided me with ample study material to work on at my leisure. I cannot imagine a better preparation course for the LSAT than one tailored to my individual needs. I went in with a goal score and ended up making 4 points above that! I am so grateful to Metroplex LSAT and Jeff for all of the work they did to help me surpass my goal."
Jamie Drillette (172):
"I felt like Jeff evaluated and addressed my needs on a very specific and individualized level. We were able to focus on areas where I was weak, and work towards my goals. I know I wouldn't have gotten this type of customized program in a class setting."
Derjuan Tharrington (157, improved from 139):
“OMG!!! I can’t believe this! Thank you Jeff" (after improving 18 points from his first disappointing score, which came after 8 weeks with a big test preparation company)
D'Laney Gielow (171):
"Got a 171. I'll take it! Thanks again for all your help!"
Patrick Leahy (179, improved from 162):
"Kyle is a real pro. Rather than teaching generic tricks and test-taking tips, Kyle tailors lessons to students' individual needs. With his help, I was able to go from a 162 to a 179 (October 2010), and earned a full scholarship to a Top 14 school. " 
Jacob Aronson (177, improved from 166):
"Kyle was great to work with and I highly recommend his tutoring services. Kyle helped me understand the test questions in a much clearer way and greatly improved my efficiency and time management. I had previously self-studied for the LSAT and got a 166. After working with Kyle for a month or two before the next exam, I increased my score to a 177. I've since been admitted to most of the top-ranked schools, including Columbia, Chicago, UVA, Penn, and Berkeley."