Our Time Tested Method for LSAT Success

​Our tutors will help you build accuracy, confidence, and speed as you gear up for test day. Here's how:

1. We identify your specific strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs. The hallmark of Metroplex LSAT Prep is continual, effective diagnosis.

2. We teach you to master the logical principles that the LSAT is testing.
Everything you learn will be custom-tailored to you and your learning style. Your expert LSAT tutor will use real-world examples that make sense to you in order to help you think like the test-makers.

3. You will increase your accuracy as you overcome your weaknesses.

4. You will increase your speed as you work on real, relevant LSAT questions from actual LSAT tests. Your tutor will push you to tackle the problems more effectively, and help you to perform your best.

5. You will increase your confidence as you learn. You will learn not only to pick the right answer, but to ​know why you are picking the right answer.

6. You will increase your endurance by taking regular practice tests until your test day. We offer tests at our office, as well as take-home tests for you to complete on your own time.

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